About Colorado Family and Childrens Photographer

My life has drastically changed since having two boys over the last two years. I can now identify bulldozers, excavators, and super dump trucks, and I notice these vehicles as I pass by construction sites. I feel excitement as the garbage truck drives by or a helicoptor flies overhead. My living room, a spot I swore would never be geared towards kids, now houses a play table with a train set and Duplo Legos and toys spill onto the living room floor--a happy mess. I can recite entire books: Where the Wild Things Are and Goodnight Moon (of course), but also others like The Nose Book, Hug Machine, and You Be You. But mainly, although family has always been important to me, it is even more important. Love and family are my world.

I have soaked up as many moments as I can, and used my camera to help me remember these fleeting and beautiful (and challenging!) times.

Since having my kids, I am even more interested in helping other families capture their own special moments. During family photo sessions, I enjoy letting natural moments unfold. Although I am happy to capture posed photos, it is the lifestyle and natural images that define my style.

Of course, I am grateful for your support.


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