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Some of my favorite images from a family portrait session that took place in Boulder last month. We were blessed with a beautiful fall day, perfect for taking some photographs of this cutie pie.

mom and young son

father and baby son

colorado family

cute boy

toddler in hat reads with parents

boulder familyAll images © Susannah Allen 2011


So I got an email  from my mom asking me what is Substance. Like substance abuse, she asks. Even at my age, I rolled my eyes just a little. So maybe she didn’t read the first Substance post or click on the link to Jenna Walker’s workshop (she is a notorious skim-reader), or maybe she did. At any rate, I’d prefer to reassure any potential clients (or my family and friends), that Substance has nothing to do with a drug addiction. It is the name of the workshop. And it was named for this blurb that Katie from JWP (Jenna Walker Photography) came up with: “Through all of it, we are most proud of choosing substance over the superficial…in our images, our business and our life.   To us a camera is just a piece of equipment with a finite amount of operating know-how.  After that it is all about the way you see the world.  The substance in your world.  And that is something worth striving for.” That entire post can be seen here.

So, back to the photos. Today’s are from the newborn (family) portrait session we did at Chautauqua.






All images © Susannah Storch 2011

As promised, more images from the Substance Workshop that took place in Boulder, Colorado last month. Two sisters with the most gorgeous eyes agreed to be photographed by our group. They handled all of us photographers quite well considering they were outnumbered and outsized!

I love the idea of doing a whole series of different sisters. I grew up an only child, but was blessed with a sister when I turned 18 (thanks Dad and Mary!). My goodness, I love my little sister more than anything. She is so fun to be around, and even though she is 18 years younger than me, she has taught me some very important things. Like how to swim under an ocean wave. And to wear a side ponytail on occasion. And to listen to “Physical” by Olivia Newton John all over again. And now I have several step-sisters and half-sisters (hello, hello!), so I am a very lucky gal!

Part of the reason I enjoyed the Substance workshop so much was being around Jenna and her sister Katie. Yup, Jenna Walker Photography is not just Jenna. It is her sister Katie and husband Matt and several assistants. But being around two sisters all weekend…you just had to smile at how they talk to each other, act with each other, the energy the bounce off each other. It made me smile for my little sister!





colorado children's photographer takes a portrait


colorado-children-and-family-portraitsAll images © Susannah Storch 2011

Last month I was in photography heaven for a few days. I attended a multi-day photo workshop in Boulder. And not just in Boulder, but at Chautauqua, one of my favorite Boulder spots (and the location of my wedding!)(and the location of one of my favorite hikes that I feel relatively comfortable doing regardless of the Colorado mountain lion population!). And this was not any photo workshop–it was Jenna Walker Photography’s Substance. This was a big deal for me. In my opinion, Jenna Walker Photography is one of the best wedding (and children!) photography companies in Colorado. In the US. And photography workshops are not something I would normally consider doing, but this was JWP. And this was at Chautauqua, which I have a soft spot for already. So I made the investment.

Going to Substance was sort of like going to summer camp, but WAY better. The women that attended were all awesome and came from Canada, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Colorado. We were based in the Mission House, one of Chautauqua’s many cabins. We each had our own bedroom, which was clean/cute/comfortable and not too rustic or anything. Spending 2 days (was it only 2 full days?!) with like-minded, enthusiastic women was a great break from daily life. And we were armed with cameras, wine and marshmallows; how couldn’t it be great?!

In addition to talking about the business of photography, Jenna and her sister Katie arranged several photo shoots for us. I will be posting them over the next couple blog posts, but will start with our toddler session. Thanks again to Jenna, Katie, the ladies, the speakers, and the beautiful people we photographed.

The first session was with Heather Dwight of Calluna Events and her adorable daughter Maggie. Maggie’s big eyes and little curls are as cute as they come!



colorado family portrait

family portrait on porch

boulder colorado family portrait

action family portrait

family action portrait



All images © Susannah Storch 2011