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As we get closer to Christmas and the new year, I am still reeling in gratitude. Gratitude towards my husband who is supportive of my photography business. Gratitude towards my family and friends. Gratitude towards the world for bringing me my dog Chloe and cats Harry and Pippa, helping to heal a friend’s mother from cancer, providing a strong home here in Longmont. Gratitude that I got to visit New York and Maryland for Thanksgiving so that I got to see some V.I.L.O.s (Very Important Loved Ones). Gratitude towards my 2011 wedding, portrait, and pet photo clients and towards Jason Innes Photography for hiring me as an assistant on many occasions.

I may not go crazy for Christmas this year, but I am happy. I am looking forward to spending time with family, friends, the mountains. Life is good.

The images on today’s blog are from a mini session that I did right before the holidays started. The family is beautiful and the children were everything I could ask for in the children of photo clients–they were enthusiastic, happy, and super listeners. Enjoy the images and enjoy the holiday season.










family-looks-out-windowAll images © Susannah Allen 2011

I offered some last minute family mini photo sessions for my clients the week before Thanksgiving. Mini sessions are a great way to get in some professional family portraits! Typically, they are a bit more economical for the client because the photographer picks a location and a shorter time period for the session. For my mini sessions, I picked a scenic park in Longmont that has old wooden cabins, shade, picnic tables, trees, a stage, and other interesting features.

I had a lot of fun photographing the featured family. The sons were so good looking/cute, I am pretty sure they could model for J.Crew kids! And they were a joy to photograph–they tolerated both me and the cool weather and with smiles. The family was up for anything, so we did some portraits with various backgrounds, played with a football, jumped on the stage steps. Enjoy the images!

Now that is officially cold (high was in the single digits yesterday!) I will probably not be offering anymore mini sessions until next spring…in time for Mother’s Day perhaps?!






boy and pine cone

boy and pinecone




broomfield_familyAll images © Susannah Allen 2011

I headed over to fellow photographer Marj Merges Longmont home to take some portraits of her and her husband Eric a couple weeks ago. Marj had taken some photographs of me (which can be seen on her site and on my site here) and in exchange I took some of her. First of all, Marj has a magical yard! I have never seen such an amazing yard in Longmont. There are big trees, vines, greenery, pathways, tree trunks, leaves everywhere. Second of all, photographing a photographer is a lot of fun. You get to be a complete photo nerd as you shoot, talking about tech stuff, experimenting with different techniques. Third of all, I think it is a great idea for married couples to make sure they have good photos together, professional or not. Rob and I finally got some shots while we were in Times Square last week; I don’t know that we’ve been in any together since our wedding day (which was only a couple of months ago, but still…) So, I enjoyed my time at Marj’s and I hope you enjoy the images of her and her husband.




man and woman's shoes


couple snuggling under foliage

legs on a tire swing

couple on tire swing

woman on tire swing

couple holding hands

couple holding hands

husband carries his wifeAll images © Susannah Allen 2011