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Warm and cold, warm and cold. Colorado winters tend to be a mix of cold snaps and warm spells, although so far this winter fits more in to the warm spell category. I am thankful for that since this is the first time that I have trained for a half-marathon during the cold weather months. Yesterday’s 62 degrees made the 6 mile run quite pleasant and I even got a little hot in my long sleeves! This is a problem that I will take any day at the end of January. The downside is that the snow has been lacking, but luckily there was a storm in the mountains last Friday, and my friends and I got to enjoy plenty of powder at Vail on Saturday. I am starting to look forward to upcoming adventures including the half-marathon (warm please!) and a hut trip (bring on the snow please!).

Before I look too far forward, I still have a couple shoots to share from last year. Today’s is a studio family portrait session that we did in Longmont. I shot most of this session with my Canon 16-35mm lens. We were photographing in a smaller space than I would have liked for 5 people and this lens easily allowed me to fit everyone in the frame. I also used it for the top two shots of the boys to play with the distortion a wide angled lens creates. Since these images were fun, I think it works. The bottom image was photographed with a 50mm which is closer in tune to how your eye sees the world…more natural, less distortion.

The next blog post will hopefully feature images from a pet photography session. There may be one more pet session after that, and then I’ll be all caught up to 2012.




Longmont-teen-photographyAll images © Susannah Allen 2011


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Where is our Colorado snow? This has been one of the mildest/least-snowy winters that I remember. The photographs on today’s blog post were taken in mid-November…it was a pretty warm day just like almost every day since then! I like the warm weather, but am ready for the ski resorts to have fresh powder. Please!

I had fun photographing the family back in November. I’ve photographed their toddler a few times before; it is really fun to watch him grow up. I love the image of him working so hard to pull that wagon and the one of him discovering the light reflecting off his hands. Determination! Discovery! I also love everyone’s eyes. Such pretty blues (and a green thrown in there too I think).

Enjoy! Pray for snow!

boy walking