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Babies and kids and weddings on the brain! That is my current life. With my “maternity leave” (I put it in quotation marks since I am my own boss and have continued to do a bit of work over the last few weeks) coming to an end, I am learning how to balance work and a baby. I am happy to get back to the camera to photograph love and families and celebration, and am really excited for all of the upcoming weddings, starting with the lovely Margaret and Mike’s this Saturday in Golden. It will be wonderful to get out of the house and to do what I love. Of course, I do have some anxiety about leaving my little guy behind for a whole day, but coming home to him after the wedding and inhaling his baby smells will be even more wonderful than usual!

To stay with the theme of babies and kids, I am sharing some images I photographed of two wonderful kids in the Boulder studio a couple months ago. Please note, I am taking a break from studio work through the rest of the summer to focus on weddings and natural light family and pet sessions while the weather is beautiful. I need to get out into the fresh air as much as possible these days!

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