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A few more photos from the next portion of our trip to Jackson, Wyoming…

Before I booked our lodging, I had visions of my family staying in a rustic, inexpensive cabin near the Tetons. I searched high and low on VRBO, AirBnB, and other internet sites, but could not find anything. Apparently the entire country heads to Jackson Hole in early August. By splitting up our stay into a couple of places and by splurging, I was able to find lodging for our entire trip.

First, we stayed at the Rustic Inn at Jackson Hole Creekside Resort & Spa. We stayed in a small “cabin” with its own front porch. The cabin was more like a hotel room in an individual building. It had a luxurious bathroom (I discovered I am not a fan of rain showers since all it did was wash the shampoo into my eyes.), a king-sized bed, a sofa bed, and a small fridge. The hotel rate included a great breakfast and we did take advantage of their heated swimming pool.

There wasn’t a ton of spare floor space for all our suitcases and gear, but we did have room to put the pack and play in a corner. Our youngest slept in that (with the white noise machine cranking near it) and our oldest shared the bed with us. I believe you could also request a pack and play be delivered to your room, but we had enough room in the Thule to fit ours.

The hotel was within walking distance to the town square and we made that trek a couple of times. Because shopping with the boys isn’t fun and dining can go either way, we bought lunch at a coffee shop one day and ate it in the square. We also took the kids to a playground to burn off some energy. But mainly I enjoyed being on the grounds of the hotel–so lush and green and complete with a small river and a little mountain and a tee-pee. We ordered room service meals a couple of times which was far more relaxing than going into town to eat.

One night we did make it out and we headed to Calico, which is an Italian restaurant located a bit out of town. They were so accommodating, giving us a porch table that allowed for my two-year-old to be a bit active. There is also a huge lawn here with kids playing with balls and running around–a great bonus when eating with little ones.

The Tetons.

The Tetons. - My first view of the Tetons, as photographed from the car...I wasn't expecting complete flatness until these impressive peaks.

Town Square.

Town Square. - A great place to have a picnic with your little ones.

A rare photo of me and the boys.

A rare photo of me and the boys. - I am sharing this with you just so you know who you're dealing with!

Inside the tee-pee.

Inside the tee-pee. - I just could not take enough photos of the boys and the tee-pee at the Rustic Lodge and Spa...the boys, on the otherhand, had other ideas.

Outside the tee-pee.

Outside the tee-pee. - This little guy was only happy if he could grab something and shove it in his mouth. Although this stage can be comical, I am looking forward to it being over.

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